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The Global Gurukul

The Global Gurukul

These are perilous times. Times when the mother earth is showing all her wrath. As a parent, one of my top priorities is to make sure that my child is up to date with his studies because as he enters class 9, the competition bar raises exponentially. Here too, I have Seth Anandram Jaipuria School to help me.

This initiative of the school, to have regular studies over the internet has assured me that my child is in good hands. Like usual days, his classes start at 8 and end at around 2 in the afternoon. This keeps the children not out of touch with their punctuality and their academics. The teachers, I’ve seen use a mix of lectures and presentations to explain their point to the students. I wonder about our schooling days and how we would have to saddle our backpacks and travel all the way to school. We have, indeed come so far in time.

The online classes, I believe have ensured a greater one to one interaction between the teacher and the student, imbuing our children with the same zeal and knowledge like any other day. As a parent, I couldn’t have been happier with the state of education in Seth Anandram Jaipuria School as opposed to a sorry face of education at many places across the country. Such cherished steps explain why  the school has been able to reap marvelous results in the AISSCE and AISSE examinations.

The teachers are giving homework to the students and have efficient methods of checking it as well. This also reminds me that with what limited knowledge I have. The Jaipuria family’s venture to use  up to date mechanisms of education, starting from Zoom Conference and Microsoft Teams in these  hard times to using SNAP homework app for sending assignments and any immediate notices to the children and their families, is creditable.

I am very happy with my decision to put my ward in Seth Anandram Jaipuria school where he is preparing for the future and I also laud the school’s initiative to teach over the Internet.

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