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As the entire world is in a state of lockdown, the wave of turmoil, fear, and anxiety has swept the entire global village. The uncertainty of what the future holds has affirmed that it will no longer be same for all. The same unknown reorientation and change awaits education as well. In this chaotic scenario of the rise of the pandemic, schools have become suddenly unguarded places for young minds. However, teachers, children and their parents are dealing with this situation from more optimistic and positive lens. We perceived it quickly that schools might have shut abruptly, but not the minds of our children, learning must continue. Nonetheless, the centre of learning has shifted from schools to their homes, the primary natural environment of every child.

Home is a composite of people living together in a family. This time where people are bound to stay at home, it gives everyone ample of time to bond with their family which tends to be neglected in our routine life. Having meaningful times together with no urgency to reach someplace else, helps create a series of memories and happiness to rejoice. Families often indulge themselves in reliving past events of joy and contentment through old stories and photographs. This helps in keeping a consistent positive environment for children as well. Parents have also taken an initiative of homeschooling and took this opportunity to make household chores more fun and playful by involving kids and teaching them the errands of daily life.

But having said that, schools have equally taken up the responsibility to enable students to acquire knowledge, skills and competency which are required for decision making, problem solving and collaborating. Thereby, the transition from classroom teaching to commencing with online live classes – virtual learning – taking the school to the students in comfort of their homes has been challenging for all the stakeholders but also energising and inspiring.

We are very fortunate to be living in an era where technology is abundantly available and the wealth of resources for e-learning is plentiful. Many web platforms such as Google Classroom, Zoom, Hangout, Microsoft Teams and many more have eased the process of communication for education. Hence, presently, technology has metamorphosed into an important tool for teachers to utilize and provide great opportunity for continuation of education. Education proves to us that technology is an unfathomed window of opportunities. In addition, to live in harmony with nature is probably the biggest lesson that this lockdown has taught us. Let us take this opportune moment to regain our connections and savor our relationships. The list of to-do’s is never ending, there is so much to learn and do with our time in abundance. Let us as educators take our steps and try to make a beginning.


Manju Rana

Principal Cum Director

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