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The Virus with the Crown is Ruling the WORLD

The Virus with the Crown is Ruling the WORLD

The ruler who is smaller than his praja’ , the ruler who is most powerful among the population of 7.8 billion people, the ruler who is working for his own benefit because his ‘praja’ behaved so badly with him by destroying him in every possible way.

This is the one and only “The Novel Corona virus OR COVID-19” which has become one of the most powerful ruler and most dangerous ruler of this world.

This ruler or virus got his name from his size and look. A large number of people have died due to this virus but still no one can find the way to get rid of this disease. Everyone in this world is forced to work according to the ruler. Work from home has become a part and parcel of everybody’s life. As the world grapples with an unpredictable foe, people are seen retreating to the familiar warmth of their families. Spending time with the family has now become an important part of everyone’s life.

This is the ruler elected by us, and the way the ruler is treating us is well deserved by us because we have hurt the nature and this is how the nature is punishing us. In earlier times people used to respect and pray everything around them – even the nature, but nowadays as population is increasing people are doing everything for their satisfaction or to fulfill their desires.

Many positive results are seen after lockdown. Rivers are becoming clean, the air pollution is decreasing, once again the level of global warming is decreasing. Ultimately, we came to know that if we harm nature, then the nature would definitely punish us.

Garima Dixit

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