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The Toyota Hackathon – Code for a safer India, by Toyota, IRSC (IIT-Delhi) and IL&FS Education

Indian Road Safety Campaign and NSS IIT Delhi in it’s social fest kaizen’19 in association with Toyota India and IL&FS Education and Technology Services Ltd. (IETS) organized  ‘Toyota Hackathon: Code for Safer India’ . 

This event aimed at developing implementable solutions in form of a digital solution to promote road safety and reduce the frequency and effect of road accidents or for detecting frauds and to bring down the road mishaps and detection of the road rules violation. 

In the initial stages of the hackathon program, an online screening test was conducted for all the participating students of Delhi/NCR Schools. Over 180 teams which included over 370 students from more than 100 schools from the Delhi-NCR region have participated, the finale consisted of  best 50 teams (two members a team) .

Two teams from seth Ananadram Jaipuria School qualified made it to TOP 50 and participated in this prestigious mega competition. They were invited to stay and ideate at the IIT Delhi campus. The themes of the competition revolved around driver behaviour, road conditions, fraud detection and GPS detection.

These teams were further trained on key technical skills coupled with resources to support them during the hackathon. Each team were allotted 36 hours to work on their innovative ideas with expertise guidance and mentoring during the process to finally arrive at a prototype or formulate a concrete idea on the road safety solution they were working on.

Siddhant Lal and Rohit Sahu of class VIII worked on their idea of Pedestrian Safety Assistance and Sambhav Sirohi and Aakarsh Tripathi of class VIII  presented the prototype of Anti Overtaking device.

The top performers of the hackathon initiative were selected by a jury which constituted people from Media, UN Organization, corporates, and Government representatives, enforcement agencies (Police), Academicians and Toyota experts.

 The top ten participants and best three were given trophies, certificates , Mi HRX Smart band  and cash prizes The idea “Pedestrian Safety Assistance” was selected among top 10 and was ranked 6th by the jury. The jury appreciated the intellect and ideation capabilities of the students.  .

Further, Toyota will incubate the students’ bright ideas to develop and nurture such implementable solutions in support of road safety cause.

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