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Seth Anandram Jaipuria School, Ghaziabad organized a two day Virtual Exchange Program with the students from Dimitar Miladinov School from North Macedonia , Skopje on 17th and 18th December 2020.

Ms Heena Sharma, the ISA Coordinator of the school welcomed all the dignitaries, fellow staff members and students and shared about the recent school achievements with the attendees. The Principal cum Director, Ms Manju Rana, appreciated the collaboration with North Macedonia since 2017 over various projects and activities happened so far. Ms. Aida Petrovska represented her school from Macedonia and put forth her valuable insights about these virtual exchange programmes and expressed her heartfelt gratitude for maintaining healthy partnership. She showed her keen interest in taking this association to another level in the time to come.
The Day 1 of the exchange programme was all about knowing each other. They introduced each other, shared their hobbies and what they aspire to become. Another highlight of the day was the questionnaire round where students curiously put forth questions related to each other’s country to know about the landforms, climate, food, lifestyle of the country.
The theme of Day 2 was understanding and knowing about the traditions and cultures of both the countries. The students from Dimitar Miladinov, North Macedonia took over the lead and presented a virtual representation of their respective songs, dances and music to show their culture and traditions vividly. They sang in soulful voices and presented various songs which were well appreciated by all. They also showcased their traditional dance forms and shared the importance of costumes and accessories they wear while dancing.

Their presentations were mesmerizing as they gave live performances of various songs and dances.
The students from Seth Anandram Jaipuria School wore traditional attires (representing different states of India) as they spoke about their state, its location , language spoken, food, costume and the dance forms as well. Their performances were equally enthralling and everyone enjoyed the dance forms presented by them.

The students learnt about the cultural heritage of Skopje, North Macedonia. It sensitized the youth who are future decision makers and inculcated in them a healthy value system towards their own heritage. Such exchange programs also give students a platform to come out with new innovations and ideas in order to protect our cultural resources.

They are an effective way to build bridges of understanding among learners from different countries. They learn to appreciate each other’s culture, thought processes and varied lifestyles and also learn to embrace these diversities.

This event could not be concluded without mentioning the generous support and envelopment of our Principal cum Director Ms. Manju Rana ma’am for her constant motivation and guidance for these exchange programs. The programme was extremely appreciated by all the viewers. We whole heartedly thank our parent fraternity who had been the most helpful and supportive throughout the process right from the beginning till the end!

Ms Heena Sharma from Jaipuria School proposed the Vote of Thanks and culminated the programme with her zealous words and bunch of praises for the efforts made by all.

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