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Virtual Exchange Programme With USA Day 2

Virtual Exchange Programme With USA Day 2

Seth Anandram Jaipuria School, Vasundhara, Ghaziabad hosted its Virtual Exchange Programme Day 2 with much more excitement. The students and teachers of Crabapple Lane Elementary School, Georgia, USA were equally excited to connect with their pen pals over this virtual collaboration. After opening the session, the students showcased what interesting they did or make during this quarantine time/ lockdown. They also showed what hobby they pursued or took up after being quarantined.

Students from both the countries shared their activities/hobbies very confidently and they all were appreciating each other. Today’s theme for interaction was meticulously thought over as we believe that hobbies teach children important life lessons, such as teamwork, confident social interactions, and enhanced self-esteem. The extra-curricular activities help a child develop mentally, physically and emotionally. And that is why we need to encourage our children to develop or pursue hobbies of their liking.

The students of Crabapple Lane Elementary School were in awe of the presentation given by the young Jaipurians. The event was much appreciated by their faculty members as well.

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