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Virtual Exchange Programme With USA Day 3

Virtual Exchange Programme With USA Day 3

It was a matter of pride for Seth Anandram Jaipuria School, Vasundhara, Ghaziabad as it culminated its three day Virtual Exchange Programme which had been collaborated with Crabapple Lane Elementary School, Georgia, USA. The third day began with lots of sharing as the students from both the schools showcased their favourite cuisines and dishes that they like to eat the most. A very comprehensive video was shown to the entire audience that contained a lot of pictures of the students performing various activities at home during the lockdown. In order to give a clearer picture to their Georgian friends, the children from Seth Anandram Jaipuria School even showed the ready to eat, mouthwatering recipes live on the screen! They then demonstrated their music and dance skills by performing live during the programme. All the pupils were amazed to see the dances and the instrumental music played on the piano. They got so engrossed in chatting about their favourite foods and their recipes. It was fantastic to witness such an interactive session like that! Each and every participant was fully involved among themselves. Everyone was super excited when the online quiz took place. They were actively answering to the questions put up by the teacher. The quiz had many interesting rounds which added an element of fun and learning at the same time.The students from both the schools mingled so well by the end of the three days that Ms Manju Rana, the Principal cum Director of the school expressed her love for all and also proposed some new initiatives which could be organized in the near future with Crabapple Lane Elementary School to take this programme to another level. She also appreciated all the presentations given by the students and praised the efforts of the teachers who were behind the smooth execution of the event. She especially acknowledged the hard work of Ms Heena Sharma (ISA Coordinator), and her team members, Ms Deepti Mayal, Ms Latika Singh, and Ms Kavita Singh respectively. The day got ended with lots of sweet memories, meaningful learning and wonderful experiences.

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