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Welcome New Session

Welcome New Session

“A new journey to be started, anew promise to be fulfilled, a new page to be written…..”

It’s that time of the year when new flowers bloom, trees get laden with new leaves…. time to rejuvenate for a new beginning….it’s a bright new beginning, a fresh bright year. Welcome to the new class, new victories and challenges waiting to be conquered in the new session. As you begin a new school year, I hope you will blaze new trails and seek new horizons.

Students, as you begin your new session, find something to celebrate every day…..smiling faces, warmth of your friends, good grades, applause and accolades, praise and admiration, love and adulation, knowledge and information. All of it will make you happy and gay.

In order to succeed in life you don’t have to be a genius. The secret of success lies in hard work and perseverance. The new academic calendar brings new opportunities and activities. Every one of you is unique and has great talents. In this session get set to hone your skills and talents and scale the heights of success through your diligence and willpower. Your school provides ample opportunities to learn, to work hard and to excel with flying colors.

Though the pandemic posed several challenges in the previous year yet you remained a winner by adapting to new modes of digital learning. Remember learning is a continuous process, it never ends. So, students let us leave behind the pandemic pressure and march ahead with grit and determination to realize the new hopes and dreams that gleam in your eyes in this new session. As a parent I would like to say that Jaipuria school has helped my children blossom into confident and positive students ready to navigate the world with great zeal and enthusiasm. They too are eagerly awaiting the new session to learn and discover their talent.

Best of luck!!!!!

Mother of Srishti Saxena X – B

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