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Welcome to the New Session

Welcome to the New Session

New aspirations wrapped up in everything new around us, instill a lot of enthusiasm in the students waiting for new surprises to unfold. The first day of the new session brings joy and marks a new journey every time a student climbs a ladder and reaches a new standard but this new session has arrived in a historic new way. A war-like situation with an invincible enemy around everyone, but take a promise to defeat, not to be defeated. We are responsible in some or the other way. We become selfish. We never ponder over the ecological balance of nature. Then, Darwin’s theory of evolution works- the theory of the ‘survival of the fittest’ and ‘the theory of natural selection’.

Almost everything has been locked down in the country. All self quarantined inside their houses. The Government is doing its best for our protection. Doctors, nurses, media, janitors etc. are tirelessly working for us day and night, for our safety and security. It is true that prevention is better than cure. Inaction (no work) has become more important and sensible than action (work) these days. The less we travel and socialise, the better for the society and humanity. We need to understand that our proximity and friendship with the people may prove to be dangerous. Physical closeness with our loved ones may prove to be fatal. You must live with commitment until it’s over. Don’t try to be ‘brave and dead’ rather be ‘sensible and survive’. Practice the  idea- live and let live .Let it pass. Spend your time at home playing with your siblings, helping your parents in household chores, meditating, reading books.

We, at Seth Anandram Jaipuria School, are trying our level best to provide you teaching resources through various media. We’ve found ourselves in these uncharted times. So, here we’re trying our absolute best to ensure that quality teaching reaches each of our students promptly. Through Microsoft webinar, live online zoom app, interactive power point presentation, questionnaires, modules, video recordings etc. our staff has arisen to the challenges of imparting education through the mode of online teaching in a fun, interactive and enriching manner.

The time will pass and school will resume with full spirit and enthusiasm. The classrooms, the playground, music and the art room, the teachers – all are waiting for the day to meet you all once again. We will start again with full spirit and energy. A wonderful novel experience of meeting new teachers, new entries in the class, different curriculum prescribed in the books, new challenges and new expectations at both the ends – students as well as teachers.

Then again, that will be the time when you can chart out the course of action in academics and behaviour in order to achieve better and avoid mistakes committed in the past. Students must not forget the importance of beginning as ‘Well begun is half done’. Set some goals for yourself which are feasible for you and not very difficult to achieve. Keep revising and reminding your goals. You set them to prevent deviation in the new session. Make a chart of positive and progressive ideas that can grow your personality internally as well as externally. List mistakes committed in the previous session and ensure that you do not repeat them now. Inculcate a habit of listening motivational videos. Last but not the least, use sentences like, ‘I can……’ ‘I will ’

As someone rightly said, patience is not the ability to wait. Patience is the ability to be calm in the face of adversity and have faith that it will all work out in the end. Patience is power.

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