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Welcoming The New Session

Welcoming The New Session

Once the exams are over we enter the school with new energy and fresh vibes and it is time for new hopes and renewed dreams. What’s better than going back to school after exams to a new classroom with a new set of teachers and a few more new classmates.

But due to the scenario of coronavirus rising cases, every school is closed once again and all students and teachers are sitting at home preparing for our virtual classes so that learning doesn’t stop and education system doesn’t come to a halt. We, students, are desperately waiting for that day when this situation would get better and all would get back to our schools.

But I am sure one day all is going to be fine and we are going to tie our laces tight and get into the routines again. So let’s prepare ourselves for the coming days so that there are no delays and if we are prepared today we won’t postpone our work then.

We miss the first day of school of a new session, the first morning assembly followed by congratulations and welcome speech by the head of the school, new promises made to oneself to be more active in terms of academic and co-curricular activities in the new class and session.

New books, new covers, new notebooks names written neatly on our favorite stickers start to fade and the cover starts to wear out as the session nears an end.

Once the new session starts our energies are high but after a few days, with the passage of time, the energy begins to dip and we start to lose our goals and start putting off things to next time, next month and finally next session.

But let’s not lose ore fire this year. Let’s make a pledge to oneself to start the session with zeal and fire and end the session with an accomplished goal.

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