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Most of us are actually not aware about, “What is Life”. Well, in my terms, life is a journey to all the wonderful, beautiful and inspiring things which happen to us.In that case, life is not special but you are special. It becomes extremely special when you are happy, when you want to do something new, a bit crazy or a bit different or may be something which makes you realizes that you are “Special”. Then you realize the importance of life.

When someone asks me what does failure mean to you? I say, it means “NOT GIVING UP AT ALL”, not giving up when you fall, when you are broken, when no one can trust you, but you can….

For a true winner, failure is more important than a win in his life. Failure shows us where we stand, it shows us a clear mirror of what we actually are and that probably no one else can show us. It is through failures that we learn the greatest lessons of life…

Failure gives us a new opportunity, a new chance to start everything again, right from the beginning, which winning can’t. So, sometimes failure is more important than winning. Failure teaches you a lot of things. It teaches you how to stand up, how to fight back and how to keep moving in your life. So, “Failure is a great teacher”.

Let’s get motivated not to cry after failure. Let’s stand and rise again after fall and defeat. Failure inspires us, strengthens us and teaches us to overcome our fear of failure

Thanks for reading!!!
Tejal Sengar
Class 8A

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