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When Technology Becomes the Saviour……

When Technology Becomes the Saviour……

Born with an innate urge to delve into the mysteries of cosmos and to make feverish attempts to seek solutions to them, man, the wisest creation of nature, has been on a constant trail of discovering and innovating something novel, that has always left the world in awe of its singularity. Out of innumerable such innovations, technology is the one which has easily found the way in our lives and till date is an integral part of our lifestyle albeit the forms keep changing. Time is the witness to the rapid technological progression made, shrinking the vast world into a small global community. All the arenas of work and life have been swayed by it, so is the education sector.

Over the years, the schools and universities have understood it quite well that not to make a good use of technology would just isolate the children from the global family and if it’s not to be exaggerated , would thrust them to primeval era. Therefore efforts have been made to incorporate technology in teaching learning process in the classrooms- smart classrooms are one such example.

Today, when humanity is facing its worst ever health crisis, technology has once again come to our aid. With nature manifesting itself in its fiercest form, life has almost come to a standstill but education sector is proudly pacing forth. Our present might be lingering in dark for some time but our future cannot vanish in obscurity. We at Jaipuria, completely comprehend this and therefore have braced ourselves for combatting its effect on the life of our students. Since, students cannot not reach the school, the school has approached them in the form of online classes, meetings and conferences. With prompt efforts, the students and teachers have been trained for online sessions through Microsoft Teams. At present the classes are being conducted by the teachers according to a time table and within school timings. Teachers are making utmost use of the zoom application to provide an enriching, interactive, and innovating academic session. Power Point presentations, audio visual aids, u-tube videos, worksheets, assignments are being used to make the sessions interesting. Even online assessments are regularly done to evaluate the students’ progress and to gauge their understanding of the concepts. The sanctity of the prayers too has been upheld with online morning congregation of the students and the staff for school prayers. We have taken care that the precious time of the students is not wasted and gone ahead with providing education without compromising with the quality.

In the testing times of global crisis, we, at, Seth Anandram Jaipuria School realize our obligation as good citizens and responsible educators by juxtaposing social distancing with educational connection. Isn’t it a beautiful precedent of how technology can imbue everyone with a unique feeling of oneness?

Shalini Kapoor Gupta

PGT English

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