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Yes I am a Teenager !

Yes I am a Teenager !

Yes, I am at that stage of life where I think I know everything but in reality, there is a lot I have to understand. Yes, I am at that juncture of life where the most crossroads of choices appear. Yes, I am that part of the society which is going to be the next generation of youth. Yes, I am a Teenager.


But most importantly I am a Teenager of this pandemic era. Where not only your but my life has been under great impact as well. You are discussing climate, pollution, politics, health but are you considering us? Especially the ones who are undergoing vital changes in their lives physically, mentally, and socially.

Our lives have been caged. The time where we are supposed to enjoy we feel helpless and unenthusiastic all the time. The peak time where we are supposed to learn as much as possible and when our curiosity is on the rise, we see the learner inside ourselves dying every day.

Our social lives have been ruined. The standard of friendship has been set according to being on social media, watching certain movies and having a certain type of taste in music. Most of us the “TEENAGERS” today are either suffering from superiority complex or inferiority complex and then there are those who can’t place themselves anywhere and are outcasts in today’s system of friendship and groups. Just because I don’t fancy stuff others like, makes me different. And other qualities I own are disregarded. It’s not just felt by me but many others like me.

These drastic changes have been hard for us to cope with, and the worst part is that we are not getting enough attention to get our needs recognized. We often feel ourselves on the verge of a breakdown. The anxiety and anger within ourselves is not liked by anyone but has anyone tried to know what bothers us today? Why are we reacting like that? The answer is NO!

You don’t bother to look into matters that matter to us. Despite being an important part of society we feel neglected. Our needs remain unheard. While our mental conditions take a toll there is no one thinking about us.

I am also a part of this pandemic.
I am also suffering from breakdowns.
I am also having insecurities.
I am also seeing the change that bothers me.
My future is also indecisive right now.
I have my own issues and I want you to stand by me. I want you to hear me.
Yes, I am a Teenager. And it’s your responsibility to look after our needs.

Rumish Ali Saif
Class X-A
Seth Anandram Jaipuria School
Vasundhara (Ghaziabad)

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